Cabinet Painting isn’t as Easy as it Looks

Looks simple enough, right? A cabinet has a series of flat surfaces, some corners, maybe a shelf or two. How difficult could it be? If you’re thinking that right now, convinced that you don’t have to hire a professional Milwaukee painting company to do your “cabinet painting then why are you here at our website? Did your significant other tell you that DIY painting was a bad idea or do you have some doubts of your own? Either way, we need you to know that cabinet painting isn’t as easy as it looks.

A properly made cabinet should have a protective coat of primer or stain on it that was put there back when the item was first put together. If it’s real wood, there is a treatment process it went through to protect it from rot and/or water damage. Knowing what that process was is important when you choose the type of paint you’re going to use to paint it. It’s also important to find out what kind of paint was used before. You may have to remove all of the old coats before you can add a new one, particularly if you’re changing colors.

One question you need to ask is how much you actually care about how it looks when you’re done. If you’re going to throw it in a back corner of the basement for storage and open it once every five years, by all means paint it yourself. If you’re painting kitchen cabinets, forget the DIY idea. You need a professional interior painting specialist to do a job like that for you. To do it properly, the cabinets need to be taken down from the wall, disassembled, and painted piece by piece if you want them to look brand new when we’re done. You don’t want to tackle a job like that yourself.

If your cabinets are not real wood, you may not want to paint them at all. Putting a coat of paint on metal or particle board will cheapen the look of the cabinet, not improve it. There are ways to change the color or shine up an item like that, but it may not be paint. Call us here at Majic Painting before you do anything. We’ll take a look at your cabinets and let you know what the best solution is for you and how much it will cost.

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