Can’t afford it? Get a free painting estimate before you make that decision!

Give us a call and we'll bring our most knowledgable estimator to determine you and your home's needs at a cost you can't beat!

Give us a call and we’ll bring our most knowledgable estimator to determine you and your home’s needs at a cost you can’t beat!

How many times have you had the same argument with your significant other? She wants to have the house painted by professional residential painters and you say you can’t afford it. Have you even looked into what it will cost? Most homeowners just assume it’s expensive and put it last on the to-do list, especially in this economy where every penny matters. The most common justifications we hear are that painting is easy and a homeowner can do it themselves or the famous, “It doesn’t need it yet.”

To answer the DIY excuse, yes, you can do it yourself. If you have a little bit of experience you might even do a good job of it, but do you know what kind of paint you should use? When should you prime first? How much sanding should you do? Is it necessary to get the old coat of paint off first or can you just paint right over it? What about corners and angles? Have you ever removed and replaced pipes, conduits, shingles, and edging that need to be taken out for you to paint under it? These may seem like little things, but not doing the job properly can lead to rot and pest infestations later down the line. You may not see those buy tramadol online until it’s too late.

Here at Majic Painting, we offer a  free painting estimate to anyone interested in our services. You can’t make a decision that something costs too much if you don’t know how much you have to pay for it, though some people do. You might be surprised to learn that home painting is not as expensive as you thought it was. We try to keep our prices low because we know what it costs to maintain a home, especially during tough economic times. We all just lived through a terrible recession that cost many folks their homes, so we’re not going to inflate our prices on you now that you’ve gotten through that and want to improve your property.

If you think that “it doesn’t need it yet”, think again. Painting is an investment, not an expense. Once the paint on the outside of the house starts to peel and crack, the wood on the inside of the house is at risk. The elements will get in and destroy a home from the inside out if you don’t stay on top of the maintenance needed to keep it sealed tight. Painting is one of the most important tasks on that maintenance list. Don’t put it off too long or you could end up spending what you’re think you’re saving on new construction. Those guys charge a lot more than we do.

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