Drafting Works Painting Work

The other day another motorcycle passed me as I rode my motorcycle, along this winding back country road. For the next hour, I rode right behind him, drafting his path.

Yes, there’s an aerodynamic reason that this works (less wind resistance when you ride closely).

But this isn’t always the only reason. Drafting works because, right in front of you is proof that you can go faster. That the road has been blazed before, that you can and should push harder, that you can follow another and even though you seem to be following them in fact you wait patiently for your turn to take the lead.

Without knowing it, you do this at work every day, painting work for me… some of us know what we are trying to achieve while others look to just follow. We can set our pace based on what competitors or co-workers are doing.

One secret to making more of an impact, then, is figuring out who you intend to follow/race. Don’t ‘pace yourself,’ instead, find someone to unknowingly pace/follow/like/share you, and if you find that others are just watching let them cheer or jeer you, they dont really matter, and what matters most is you making your moves.


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