Why Hire a Color Consultant?

Hiring a Color Consultant may have crossed your mind when working on  your interior or exterior painting project, but you don’t want to spend money to  just have someone “pick colors.” How hard could it be?

Color Guide

Basic tools of a Color Consultant

If you are on the fence  about getting a Color Consultant, ask yourself these questions:

Are you sick and tired of looking at paint chips?

Have you realized that your color choices do not match your furnishings or fail to tie in with your color scheme?

Have you purchased what you thought was the “perfect” paint color (approx $35  a gallon) only to realize 8 hours later (approx time to paint a room) that the  paint color at the store looks awful in the day or nighttime lighting?

A Color Consultant can take that stress away from a frustrated homeowner

A Color Consultant can take that stress away from a frustrated homeowner

This could be even more frustrating if you had painted the exterior of your home with the wrong color. We’re talking hundreds of dollars wasted!

Color is the one aspect of interior design that pops out at first glance. It’s no wonder why so many people struggle finding the right one.

The Color Consultant can help you choose from a wide variety of color schemes. These custom color schemes provided by the Color Consultant will tailor to your space by taking the room’s walls, ceilings, trim and furniture, as well as architectural design into consideration.

Color Consultants are familiar with how the different colors look under certain lighting conditions, so they’ll be able to tell you if your favorite red will end up looking more orange under your yellow lamps.

Lighting can affect the color in many ways

Lighting can affect the color in many ways

Here at Majic Painting, we provide Color Consultation services which includes 4 hours and 3 sample quarts of paint. Our very own Kelly Corwin is also an interior designer that can help you decorate your space and make it yours. You can also ask your local paint store for their Color Consultant recommendations!