one coat wonder, what happened

One coat wonder what happened

When planning your paint project, consider the cost of doing the job right… the first time.

I always cringe when I hear paint contractors promise to do a project with “one coat of paint.”  Sure, the cost savings sounds great to the customer, but how great it is really if you have to repaint the same space a few years down the road? Don’t paint yourself into a corner by skimping where it really matters.

Here’s what is true.  Printed on every paint can are guidelines about how many coats of paint should be applied.  There are a few paint brands that do in fact recommend one coat of paint for total coverage. For example, Sherwin William’s Durations and Benjamin Moore’s Aura brands carry warranties that cover a one-coat paint application.  These are good brands, yet it has been my experience that a second coat significantly improves the overall appearance and, of course, means the paint will look better, longer. Therefore, I always recommend two coats of paint – regardless of the brand – for optimal appearance and best results.


Be aware that (paint) manufacturer warranties are voided if the recommended coats of paint are not applied.   Following is a real life example of how a single coat paint application, without a manufacturer warranty, can have disastrous results.

I recently bid an exterior paint job on a house that had been painted in 2005… less than seven years ago.  The house was already experiencing serious paint failure and, in some places, the paint had thinned to the point that the siding was no longer protected.  A quick call to the paint store where the last paint had been purchased revealed that the previous painters had only purchased enough paint for one very thin coat to be applied.  As a result, the homeowner is now faced with the cost of a new paint job and has no recourse for the paint failure they experienced as a result of the last painters faulty work.  If two coats had been applied initially, as recommended on the paint can, any paint failure would be covered under manufacturer warranty. And, of course, the paint job would have lasted longer and looked much better as well.

If you are invested in your home, and want to increase and protect its value and curbside appeal, I recommend always using two coats of paint.  And if you really want the job done right, consider hiring the team professionals at Majic Painting… because it’s what we do best.

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