Painting Contractors are not all the same.

What do you do for a living? Do those who describe guys in your profession classify you as “all the same”? That seems to be a general consensus when homeowners talk about service providers of any kind. For some reason, those who charge you money to provide an essential service that you need are often portrayed as the bad guys. It gets even worse if you’ve had a bad experience. We’d like to ask, if you’ve been through a difficult situation with a painting contractor before, that you please open your mind to the thought that we are not all the same, because we aren’t.

Painting Contractors are not all the same.

Here at Majic Painting, we pride ourselves on positive principles like a good job for a fair price and honesty at all times with our customers. Most of our new business today comes from referrals, a testament to the work that we do. No one recommends a service provider to friends and family unless they are completely satisfied with the job that was done. You may be reading this because someone pointed you in our direction. Doesn’t that tell you something about what we’re all about?

If you’re shopping for a painting company and aren’t sure whether to believe all the claims they are making, ask for references. If you want to know exactly how much a house painting project is going to cost you, ask for a free painting estimate. We’re happy to provide both upon request. Our customer base includes dozens of satisfied homeowners who would be happy to tell you all about us. Many of them are your friends and neighbors here in Portland. You’d be surprised who we’ve done work for in the past. We’ve been at this for some time now.

If someone in your profession goes out and embezzles from a client or does a shoddy job, you should not be blamed for it, right? Unfortunately, those types of incidences tend to reflect on your industry as a whole, undermining what you do with integrity and good faith every day. Think about that and you’ll understand what we go through every time another painting contractor mistreats one of their customers. That doesn’t mean that we do the same. We’re different. Give us a call and find out how and why.

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