What to expect when working with Majic painting

exterior painting in Portland and Milwaukee

exterior painting in Portland and Milwaukee

What to expect when working with Majic Painting

Thank you for choosing Majic Painting, before we can start your project we need a little help from you to ensure a smooth transition.

Exterior painting projects

  1. Pressure Wash

Typically prior to project, but this also happens first day.

This is a light wash to remove dust and dirt, hand washing will occur as needed. We will notify you at least a day in advance

  • Close all windows
  • Cut or tie back all plants 12” from house
  • Remove all decorations, pots, furniture etc 10’ from house


  1. Carpentry (if any)
  • Some carpentry will be identified or fixed during the project
  • Carpentry will be performed on a time and material basis, unless otherwise listed in your contract


  1. Painting begins


  1. Final walk thru (we need you home for this)
  • Project manager will walk the job with you and make a punch list of touch ups(if any)
  • We will notify you 24 hours before we plan to complete your project, so that we can do the Final walk thru and you can sign off and issue final payment
  • Payment due, we will give you a receipt “in the field”
  • Don’t forget you have a warranty, see your contract for details


Frequently asked question?


Q:  When do we start? The estimator said 2-3 weeks?

A:  Our schedule has to stay flexible due to the nature of our work, projects can take longer than expected, and clients add extra work from time to time, weather and other things outside of our control, can add complications to our scheduling.  Once we are near the expected start date, we will contact you and give you an estimated start date. We Work hard everyday to make the best schedule for everyone.


Q:  What if it rains?

A:   We can do some painting if it is a light rain, we also can do some prep in the rain.  We will start your project as soon as the weather permits.  We will keep you notified if weather delays your project.


Q:  What if I haven’t picked my colors?

A:  We need to have the color selection form filed out and sent in before we can start your project.  We need to order paint before we can start your project.  We have a color consultant that can help you with this process, see your contract for details.


Q: How long will project take?

A:  Every job is different.  We can give you an estimated time but all sorts of factors can change the finish date.  We work very hard to keep on schedule.  If anything changes we will contact you.


Q:  Who do I call if I have any concerns?

A:  Please call the project manager Jayson Carley 503.395.1234, or the office 24/7 we have an answering service when we are out or on the line with anther customer so let them know what you need and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience that number is on your contract: 503.608.4545


Q: What if I can’t be available for the final walk thru?

A:  We will do the final walk thru on the last day of the project, if you can’t be available we would like you to walk the project at your earliest convince. We discourage not having a final walk thru and there is additional details on your contract and terms and conditions.


We hope this was helpful and if you unclear on any topics we covered or if you have concerns on anything we didn’t cover please call us, that is what we are here for…. To help you with your project.


~ Jayson Carley

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