Winterize Your Property

Winterize Your Property

Autumn is Prep Time

Though we couldn’t imagine the mercury dropping weeks ago, its evident that the end of summer has passed us by, and the breeze has finally started blowing, temps are finally refreshing, and the leaves are starting to color. As you respond by giving the air conditioning a break and changing out your closet, be sure to start thinking about winterizing your home too.

Now is the time!

After the winter we had last year, we are all well aware of the strengths Old Man Winter can bring and the farmers almanac is calling for a rough one, well sort of. Of course, Majic Painting is here to help. Below is your Majic Checklist of how we can assist. Give us a call now to take advantage of our services before it’s too late!

Majic Painting Winterization Checklist:


1. Exterior Painting – Cracks in the existing paint film as well as the caulking around windows and doors can lead to a further deterioration of siding, trim, windows and doors. It is extremely important to enter the wet winter season with a sound coat of paint on all areas.


2. Gutter Cleaning – This is imperative after the leaves fall. Clogged gutters and drains can create water back ups that will eventually make their way into your home. Ice dams can form during a hard cold winter freeze that lasts for a period of time. Majic will remove all debris by hand and will rinse them to allow winter’s rain and snow to properly drain.


3. Wood Rot Repair – Wood that has already begun to show signs of rot will only get worse over the winter after a few freeze and thaw cycles. A repair today may save larger repairs next spring and summer. Majic can meet with you to evaluate areas that may be in question and provide you with a fair and honest assessment of the needs on your home.


4. Deck Cleaning & Staining – Accumulated snow and ice sitting on a deck will surely take its toll. Power wash and protect your deck today.


5. Interior Painting – before you feel all cooped up why not get those rooms ready with new color. its gonna be cold and grey, bring in some life to your personal spaces… besides when all those holiday decorations go up its kind of too late, and save your dollars for all the presents you plan on getting your loved ones. Now is a great time We have special pricing.


And, if and when the time comes, we offer emergency rooftop snow removal services. Last year we assisted over 100 home and business owners in preventing damage by trekking out during the storm and offloading the heavy snow loads off of roofs, as well as digging folks out of the drifts! Let’s hope we don’t have to repeat that this winter.


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