5 Mobile Apps to Help With Your Painting & Remodeling Project

5 Mobile Apps to Help with Your Painting & Remodeling Project


A gorgeous bathroom remodel results from careful and efficient planning.


Remodeling a small space like your bathroom or painting your whole house may seem daunting. You can be so overwhelmed with the number of tasks or steps you need to take to accomplish such a feat that you end up postponing these projects or forgetting about them altogether.

Today I will discuss 10 mobile apps that will help you organize and successfully carry out your remodeling or painting project!


Find home improvement inspiration on the go with the Houzz mobile app!

Why Mobile Apps?

Technology has come a long way in providing us with many mobile apps to simplify our daily tasks, from managing our online banking to keeping track of our calorie intake and workouts. It only makes sense to have these apps at your fingertips in a time where every one is always on the go and owns a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device!

1. Houzz (Free)


Houzz mobile app is available on iPhone and android devices

Any remodeling project starts off with an idea. Organize all of your ideas with Houzz! This mobile app has been dubbed “the Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN because it has the most extensive database of home design ideas on the net! Boasting over 4 million high res photos, users can browse photos by style, room and location and save the to an “idea board.” If you’re familiar with and love using Pinterest (just like I do!), you will love this mobile app. It has a current rating of 5 stars out of 133,903 ratings!

2. Project Reno ($0.99 for a limited time! $1.99 retail)


Project Reno provides all the features to manage your project on the go

The Project Reno mobile app will help you plan, monitor, and track your remodeling or painting projects. A summary of the features includes:

  • Manage projects
  • Filter projects by contact, status, #, or project name
  • Manage project contacts
  • Send the project by email with the options to include costs, total cost only or with no costs
  • Add before and after photos of your projects
  • Break down and categorize project costs and create categories
  • Change project status to approved, completed, paid or leave it as its default pending status
  • Output filtered project reports to email or AirPrint

The average price for renovation budget and managing mobile apps is $2.99 to as much as $49.99! Project Reno falls below that and still able to deliver the full features of a project management app into an easy to use and intuitive interface.

3. MagicPlan (Free)


MagicPlan creates indoor maps. No need to measure. No need to draw. No need to move furniture. No need for expertise.

Floor plans and project buy phentermine maps are difficult to draw up, especially if you’re not an architect. With the MagicPlan mobile app, you can draw your indoor maps and measure your rooms just by taking pictures! Although the app is free, you must pay in order to save your floor plan into a PDF, JPG, DXF, and CSV format. You can also publish your own Interactive Map on the web!

4. SwatchDeck

Snap. Save. Share! The home design and decorating app that will change the way you shop and keep records for your projects.

Snap. Save. Share! The home design app that will change the way you shop and keep records for your projects.

If you’ve read my previous blog post about why you should hire a color consultant, but are still on the fence, you can definitely have fun and choose your own colors and truly make your space your own with this new mobile app! Using the app Swatchdeck, you can snap a picture of a wall or any colored background that you love and it will find you the perfect swatch or similar color swatches to help you find that right color. You can then save it, store it, and share it with your contractors, friends or family to help with your project!


5. Mark On Call ($2.99)

Mark On Call is the preferred digital assistant for home decor!

Mark On Call is the preferred digital assistant for home decor!

Mark on Call mobile app is the closest thing you can get to having a designer or assistant. You can plan, preview, and carry out your design visions while staying organized and within budget. This app was based on Mark Lewison’s interior design book and includes features such as

  • create detailed visual plans,
  • utilize a space programming checklist,
  • backup, publish and easily transfer designs to other devices
  • create room templates
  • collaborate with other designers, clients, friends, family and MOC users
  • custom room pieces for use in all of your floor plans
  • using “SKINS” on furniture and other items just by taking pictures of actual finishes, fabrics, rugs and flooring. (This is a great way to see if your designs tie together to make a great looking space!)
  • access the Mark On Call Presets Palette offering pre-loaded colors, patterns, wood and stone options for your interior design layouts!
  • and many more!

If you are an avid smartphone user like me, you know how much we rely on mobile apps to make our every day lives more convenient. If there is technology out there to help us save time, money and as well as save us from stress, then why not let them do what they were designed to do? Feel free to ask us any questions about the following apps discussed above and we will do our best to answer! Until then, keep a look out on these mobile apps and many more in your smartphone’s web store! Some of them go on sale too!

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