The Best Time To Do Your Exterior Painting

The Best Time To Do Your Exterior Painting

I’m sure the exterior of our homes are glad that we didn’t have such a rough winter here in the Pacific Northwest. But if your exteriors are already on their 5th, 6th or even 7th year, it might be time for a repaint! Here are some signs to look for when examining your exterior

  • Paint is peeling or chalky
  • Caulk between wood and windows is separating
  • Caulk is brittle and losing flexibility (a sign of failure)
  • Bare wood is exposed or wood rot is visible
An example of paint peeling. At this point, your home would be in a dire condition!

An example of paint “alligatoring”. At this point, your home would be in dire condition!

It is common for people to wait until their exterior paint is already starting to chalk or peel before they decide to do a repaint. By that point your home may now require extra prep and time to scrape out all the failing paint, which can be very costly (extensive prepping can run from $300-3000 depending on the the level of prep needed!)

If your house is showing any of the warning signs or you are reaching your 6th or 7th year since your last paint job (assuming that your previous painters used great paint and did the proper prep), you should seriously considering painting soon if not now.

This home had to be scraped and brushed extensively as well as primed for a long lasting and resilient coat.

Due to paint failure, this home in SE had to be scraped and brushed extensively. See below for “after” pictures of our 2014 exterior job!


Doesn’t EVERYONE Paint Their Homes in the SUMMER?

Yes they do, but springtime this year is going to be a great time to paint as well. The warm weather has reared it’s beautiful head  and many painters are already jumping on those exterior projects. Here at Majic Painting, we are offering our lowered spring rates that you can lock in if you sign up before the end of spring!

Springtime is an especially important time for those who have HARDIE SIDING or fiber-cement siding. During the extreme heat of summer and cold of winter, hardie can expand and contract making it a poor time to paint.

Fall 2014 exterior paint job with hardie siding. We completed this project on a cool, sunny August day in Beaverton and it came out great.

Do Not Wait Until Summer To Get An Estimate!

Summer is a prime time for painters: that’s when everyone wants to paint the exteriors of both residential and commercial properties! It can be very difficult to schedule painting in the summer when almost painting companies are booked out for a couple weeks just for estimates. That means they most likely will not get to complete your project until 2-3 months later.

Don’t wait. Secure the date for your exterior painting project. Your home deserves it. Contact us today!

After extensive scraping, priming and a coat of Sherwin William's Resilience, this house has been revived!

After extensive scraping, priming and a coat of Sherwin’s Resilience, we worked our majic to revive this SE Portland home! See “before” picture above.






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