Andrew B

Knowledgable about the world of Paint!

Wanted to change color of house. Major caulking and siding was in good shape and did not need to be updated. Painted body of house and front door entryway, leaving original trim color. Prep work to tape windows and other areas included in process. Paint was not included in cost and was purchased separately.

Jayson did a terrific job in explaining what we needed. Instead of focusing on margin, he truly focused on customer service throughout our arrangement. We were not happy with the prior color from a past paint job, but because it was recent enough, Jayson determined that it just needed a color change. This saved us a substantial amount of money, and for a good price we were able to change the color of our house to suit our needs.

On the day of painting, his crew arrived on time, and went right to work. Dave and Ishmael were a great team, and made great use of their time. They were careful, yet efficient with the prep work, and Dave was an expert with the sprayer. He used cardboard to block spray from hitting the foundation and vent wells, and put on an solid coat for us. The crew cleaned everything up, and even gave us some tips for a few interior paint projects we were planning.

Jayson was very kind throughout the process, and handled the transaction very professionally. He seemed to be extremely knowledgable about the world of paint, and we would not hesitate to call him again if we need ANY kind of interior/exterior paint job. We both highly recommend him and his crew. Thank you, Jayson!