Anne Garcia

Project from H***

We have a rental unit and have used Jayson several times because he always does great work. Initially we had some old windows that had been painted shut and needed to be stripped and repainted so that they would work. Since they did such a good job-- on time, on budget, available on our schedule, everyone showed up when they were supposed to-- we kept adding to the project. Ultimately Majic refinished a deck for us; removed some wallpaper, fixed up the walls and repainted; and did our "project from h***"-- what was supposed to be a small project to spruce up a bathroom but that mushroomed into a full remodel.

Jayson is great to work with, which is why we keep hiring him. On the bathroom project, he was incredibly flexible and patient, willing to work well outside the original scope of the project, helping us figure out how to deal with "old house" issues, and had great referrals to other professionals to help finish the job. He and his crew are always on time, they are upfront about costs, always staying within budget and keeping us informed about what's going on with the project. He had great recommendations for how to manage costs and still get the results we wanted too.