Bob H.

Resolving problems to guarantee customer satisfaction
Everything went fine except for the sheetrock mudding. In that case, they pointed out that the way I had installed the sheetrock would require a thick layer of mud to even out and that it would subsequently crack. They offered to reinstall that piece of sheetrock to correct the problem and I agreed. Unfortunately, when they did so, it created a different problem that I didn't notice until after they had left. The sheetrock was now installed such that it stuck out 1/2" past the door frame and therefore door trim could not be installed. We discussed the problem via email and I sent them pictures, but they didn't think they had done anything wrong and said that the wall needed to be reframed to fix the problem. Eventually, my son just removed the problem sheetrock and reinstalled a replacement piece which was flush with both the door frame and the adjoining wall. It was actually pretty easy to fix with just a few shims and didn't require any re-framing. I then asked Majic Painting to return and mud the seam between the replaced sheetrock and the existing wall. They did so, at no additional charge and I am now satisfied with the work that was done.