Janice Kuo

Two Separate Projects

The first was finishing a previous project that my husband and I were not able to complete. It involved painting the living room and dining room with some areas up to 25ft tall. It just got very cumbersome and gave up finishing the project. Majic Painting was one of the vendors I asked to provide a quote to finish the project. Their price was competitive and used the existing paint cans I originally purchased. There were a couple wall drips that needed to be cleaned up at the end but overall was satisfied with the outcome to use them again.

The second project involved painting my oak kitchen cabinets to white. This project took three days to complete with two guys. I thought they did a spectacular job! I've had friends that had their kitchen cabinets painted and thought mine looked more uniform and smoother. Painting kitchen cabinets can be tricky and require multiple paint application and sanding. It can also get very messy. Majic Painting sealed off my kitchen and kept the mess at a minimum. They've done kitchen cabinets many times before and would recommend using them to friends.

I was in contact with Jayson throughout the whole process. He's very responsive and came by multiple times to check on the project."