Trang Khamphilavong

Crew Cuts

Majic Painting was originally doing our house exterior and our deck. They had an option to do what they call "crew cuts" and I am so glad they suggested this. We had our pick of the whole crew and when everything was done we had our interior painting and some wall paper removed as well. We were hopeful that they could complete our exterior, but with the rainy and cold weather coming we were getting nervous. Jayson, the owner was very calming. Assuring us we had enough time and if we didn't we could get a FULL refund. That’s where the other painters just couldn't measure up. To give back a deposit is just unheard of. They had a promotion that we took advantage of when we thought they just couldn't wow us anymore... boy were we surprised.

Some wallpaper removal in a bathroom and some faux finishes in the family room to go along with an awesome interior paint job. Jayson said he has been in the business since 2000, and I can say he is a seasoned veteran. Not to mention his crew treated our home with such care and were perfect gentlemen.

We joked with Jayson, saying he moved to Portland just in time to work his Majic just for us. We are in talks to have them do our old kitchen cabinets after the holidays.